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If you come to Zurich by plane, you can get in to the city most efficiently with trains that run several times an hour. The airport is located outside of the town, but a trip with the train is just 12 minutes long.

If you come to Zurich by car, all highways lead to Zurich. Swiss highways are very well marked, and there will be many indicators. Also, the traffic in the city is quite good for a city with the dimensions of Zurich.

If you come to Zurich by train, most probably it will stop at Hauptbahnhof (the main railway station) which is situated right in the city centre. Also the bus station is near the train station.

When visiting Zurich, it is best visited by bicycle or by foot, as the city is very environmental friendly. Also, it is more economical as parking lots are quite expensive. Bikes can be rented in many places across the city.

Zurich Airport through the window on a rainy day


Zürich Airport

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