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Top 10 Attractions in Zurich

The places that you must definitely visit during your stay in Zurich:

  1. Kunsthaus – one of the most interesting art museums in Switzerland. The works exhibited there belong to major Swiss artists like Fuesli and Giacometti.
    Kunsthaus - modern museum in Zürich

  2. Fraumünster – one of the most splendid gothic churches with amazing glass

  3. Landesmuseum – though it will be fully re-opened in 2009, the Landesmuseum is Switzerland’s biggest museum. The museum building dates back to 1898. The architecture of the museum is really impressive with numerous towers and a wonderful park.

  4. Lindenhof is the name of the Roman castle. It is also worth a visit because it is
    situated on a hill with an astonishing view to the city.
    Lindenhof fountain

  5.  Jacobs Coffee Museum – a very original museum that targets the history of coffee.
    Jacobs coffee museum

  6. The Circus Museum – though situated in the town of Rapperswil-Jona that is
    situated near the Lake Zurich. The museum is very attractive, and visiting it is a one
    of a kind experience.
    Circus Museum

  7. St Peter's Church is Zurich's oldest church. It was mentioned for the first time in
    857. Its architectural style is late Romanesque.
    St. Peters Church

  8. Rietberg Museum is focused mainly on Indian art. The main collection of the
    museum was donated by Eduard von der Heydt in 1952.
    Rietberg Museum

  9. The Grossmünster (the Great Church) is built in Romanesque style. Dating back to
    the 12th century, it is valued also for its architecture, as well as for its history, the Grossmunster having a key role during the Protestant Reformation.
    Grossmünster Church

  10.  Lake Zurich is a very popular destination as it is very clean and silent,
    ideal for a walk.
    Lake Zürich

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