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Zurich is one of the richest and cleanest cities in the world according to several independent studies. Visiting Zurich may be a thrilling experience, as the largest city of Switzerland has plenty of attractions and places anyone should visit.

The Swiss hospitality is known worldwide, and you will enjoy it with your stay. Zurich is one of the few places in the world that is a perfect destination for almost anybody, from business persons, explorers to family trips. The inhabitants mostly are multilingual, speaking German, English and French.

Being the city with the highest quality of life on earth (according to the consulting company William M. Mercer), it attracts yearly more than one million visitors.

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The city has a wide range of museums that are targeted to many areas including technology, arts, toys, and even a coffee museum. If you plan to visit these places, the best option would be purchasing a Zurich Card (available for 1 or 3 day passes). With the Zurich Card, you can enter over 40 museums, access to the public transportation, and other special deals at various pubs and restaurants.

Zurich is also well known for its Swiss watches, chocolate and the huge financial market, Zürich being the home of some of the biggest banks in the world.

Lake Zurich is ideal for a promenade. Along the lake there are some beaches, and having a bath in the lake’s clean water is safe.

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